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For Hashtracking, Social Engagement, Clicks & Impressions

Find out how valuable you are to a brand as an influencer with a large audience. With hashtag tracking, pixels that measure reach and impressions, and sharing tools for all major platforms, you can set yourself apart as a brand ambassador with proven analytics at your fingertips!

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Some of the great companies that we have helped
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“The key to influence is empowered creativity. MavenLite provides our talented influencers with the insights, accountability and drive to deliver above and beyond on every campaign.”

Maureen Dennis - KEY Influencer Talent & Marketing #BEtheKEY

Stop Using Multiple
Tools To Track Your
Social Analytics!

When posting on social media, in most cases you have to open up another website or app just to find out how many impressions a given hashtag received - and with some of these apps, there is even a fee charged! Now you can say good-bye to maneuvering through multiple apps and tools. MavenLite has a built-in hashtag tracker that measures the number of impressions per hashtag used in every campaign - conveniently located in a simple dashboard - and all part of the platform! Try MavenLite free - and test-drive all the tools!

Impressions: You're
Only Tracking The
Tip Of The Iceberg!

An average number of blog impressions is just that - average. But you - are an above-average influencer - and now you can prove it! Discover how many true impressions your blog posts are acquiring with proven technology that calculates and attributes the actual number of impressions your content generates, not just averages. MavenLite provides a tracking pixel that’s customized just for you - and offers valuable analytics that prove your worth as an influencer. Know your true value - and get rewarded accordingly! #KnowYourPower

Get Credit For The
Sales You Influence
Directly And Indirectly

Get the credit you deserve: If you are compensated to drive sales, shouldn’t you receive full credit - for both direct - and indirect influences? Get credit for the customers you influence directly - and the customers that come in indirectly - but still as a result of your initial influence - at every degree of separation. MavenLite's analytics provide true ROI on all your activity. Attribution - measured on a multi-level scale - rewards you with more credit for clicks and purchases - based on the authentic, trackable social influence of all your social activity.

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Put a dollar value to your worth with the right tracking tools

Influencers are the new media buy, but every influencer needs accurate data to leverage their worth. MavenLite incorporates the analysis of several tools and software in one convenient platform at a low cost-per-month.

Why You Should Care: You Have The Power To Influence - Show Everyone How!

To be a powerful influencer, you must know your power and understand where your influence lies. Learn more about the impact your social media activity has on your audience - and analyze who your audience is. These important analytics - all accessible in one conveniently located dashboard - function as your social resume that can be sent to clients to showcase your value as an influencer.


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MavenLite Features And Pricing:

MavenLite is designed for single influencer tracking.

For only


You Get:

  • PURLs and PIXELs to track your own reach, impressions, clicks
  • Simple sharing tools for all major social platforms
  • Influencer Data Profile
  • Ad Equivalency
  • Engagement Score
  • Hashtag (#) trackers for Instagram and Twitter

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Inside the MavenLite Influencer App

Inside the App

The MavenLite influencer app has everything you need to start a new campaign. Use the platform to amplify your message across all social media channels with just a few clicks - no need to open up several windows or apps on your phone to share.

Check the Analytics tab to see how many clicks you’re getting with each social share you do, and determine which channel is most successful based on your audience’s activity.

Track your progress in terms of impressions generated on social media with a built-in hashtag tracker.

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